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Services Provide Include:

☒ Rezoning of any parcel of any size or any district

☒ Special Exceptions for any use

☒ Comprehensive Plan Amendments

☒ Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance in any district

☒ Variances Requests

☒ Due diligence prior to purchase

☒ Highest and best use analysis based upon existing zoning and Future Land Use Plan

☒ Vacation of Right of Ways for roads and utilities

☒ Alternative Parking Plans

☒ Representation at Neighborhood Workshops

☒ Testifying as expert witness in Land Use Issues

☒ Excellent graphics preparation for any situation

☒ Obtain Administrative Determination Letters from County or City

☒ Assistance on any team of professional consultants

☒ Prepare Phase I Inventory and Analysis of Mobile Home Parks

☒ Representations before County and City Commissions and Advisory Committees

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